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Nut Extraction

Ever wonder how to remove a draw nut from a power chuck?

Below is a photo tutorial on removing a draw nut, using a smaller Strong N204 4”-diameter power chuck for reference.

Turn the power chuck body upside-down so that it’s sitting on its soft top jaws.

Step 1:

Remove adapter plate using 6 Allen wrenches from the mounting hardware packet.

Step 2:

Remove wedge plunger nut using 6 Allen wrenches.

Step 3:

Pull out wedge plunger nut along with adapter nut. Push off and remove.

All AutoStrong power chucks come standard with blank draw nut. This means the “adapter nut” is blank/solid, and needs to be threaded to fit the machine’s draw bar.

Most customers/machinists are able to thread their adapter nuts themselves. For our customers’ convenience, we stock a range of standard threaded draw nuts.

You can find part two of a nut extraction in a video form here.